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Shantyl Baker- How Joy Influenced My Life
Annie Lance
Ryan Weston Testimonial
8 time National SR Men's Trampoline Champion/ Cirque Du Soleil Artist`Performer for 8 yrs
Y's Lab Documentary Series Vol.2
(Ryan Weston - a trampoline artist of Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba)
Joy is uniquely qualified as a coach of elite athletes and was particularly impactful on our daughter’s career in the sport of Trampoline & Tumbling. Our daughter parlayed her athletic talent  into a full ride scholarship as a D1 athlete in the sport of Acrobatics & Tumbling for Baylor University and is now a professional stuntwoman for television and movies. If you have an athlete train with Joy, not only will you obtain excellent coaching, but mentoring in the discipline of life. The lessons learned in the gym can and do translate into success in school and work off the mat when taught by a coach who cares about not just your child’s performance as an athlete, but cares about their development as a young person.  If you’re looking for that, Joy is who you want your athlete to train with. As parents, we must be ever vigilant as to who is in our village to influence our child’s development and Joy is a person you can be sure will be a value add to your personal village of adults who influence the growth and development of your child, your most precious gift and legacy. 
Todd & Monique Nowlin
 It is hard to say what you really want to say because unless people witness the magic you do than they may not believe it.  You have such a kind heart and a passion for helping kids make their dreams come true.  You are able to get them to trust you and trust in your vision.  And then the way you are an open book your willingness to help everyone athletes, coaches, and parents.  Other coaches they may have good clinics, but you leave with a sense that they may have helped you understand a little meanwhile still holding back a small piece of the puzzle.  Because if they tell you everything then that puts you on the same playing field.  But you, every clinic, every camp, every time I got to observe you I have always got a sense that all you want to do it share what you have learned as to build everyone up, to make everyone a better coach, athlete, or parent. I am so eternally grateful for that first time Joey met you.  I saw your magic then, and I still see it in the eyes of every kid that you have had a chance to coach & I say that you are going to be there to coach them again.  You are a gift and I am thankful I get to call you my friend. 
It was evident the first time I had the opportunity to watch Joy in action that she was a world-class coach. An athlete herself, Joy has a competitive spirit about her that spills over the the athletes she coaches. It has truly been an honor to have crossed paths with Joy as she has made a big difference in the lives of both my daughter and myself. Additionally, my favorite thing about Joy is not only is she an incredible coach, but she has a unique personality that's a combination of fun and firm. No doubt a people person, Joy is also not afraid to tell it like it is, and as the parent of an athlete she has coached, I deeply respect and admire Joy for that.
Sadie Fowler
Media Relations Consultant
Former Magazine Editor
Joy uses her expertise and experience to connect with athletes is able to break down skills to where anyone can understand how to do them, instilling confidence in the athletes because when they do what she says, it works.
Krista Byrne
Parent of Artistic Gymnastics Athlete
I think Joy is one of the greatest coaches I have ever known because, at heart, she cares about producing successful people as much as she cares about producing successful athletes.
Tim Schlosser
Certified High Performance Coach
Former Associate Director, University of Kansas
Joy Umenhofer is a person that puts 100% into all that she does, whether it is her personal life or her work life.  What I love about Joy is her love for sport and children.  Her passion for both, are the reason why she has been so successful as a coach. She enjoys watching athletes learn and excel.  And, I have loved watching her work her magic.
Patti Conner
We invited Joyanne Umenhofer-Stovall to TAG USA for a Trampoline and Tumbling Clinic. We had athletes of all levels and ages that Joy made feel special while teaching them new skills and cleaning up old skills. The athletes became more confident, excited, and motivated about learning new things, and were able to push through their fears and realize their potential. She also worked with our coaches, giving them new drills and methods to help them in the future. She provided them with contact information letting them know she’s available and will be happy help to them with their professional development. I encourage EVERYONE to bring Joy to your gym and re-energize your team and coaches, and provide a wonderful experience for all.
Wendy Whaley
I have been to a few clinics and camps that Coach Joy has been coaching at and it has been a very enjoyable experience.  She is a fun coach that is nice and gives very easy to understand corrections.  She has helped me through many skills and connections while I have been an athlete.  I would say that she is one of the best coaches that I have had the joy to be coached by.
Joseph Isenberg
Trampoline and Tumbling 
USA Gymnastics
Junior national team member
I have attended several clinics over the years given by Joy Umenhofer, and I can say that she has a true gift.  Joy’s clinics are insightful and full of a wealth of knowledge that she is excited to share with everyone. Her clinics are a collaboration amongst coaches and athletes with interactive ideas to get you thinking and excited about the sport. If anyone has gotten the chance to observe Joy’s superpowers  then you would see how she has a way to make the athlete understand the corrections and the mechanics behind the skills they are being asked to perform.  She is able to instill confidence and a sense of readiness to attempt corrections and or new skills.  Joy leaves you with a new found passion ready to go back to the gym and reminds you why you started coaching in the first place, for the love of the kids.  
Christina Isenberg
Head Coach Flip Over Gymnastics
Martinsburg, WV